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''Munroe'' - Unsold Pilot

Published 1963

A very silly 1963 unsold pilot for a proposed sitcom called "Munroe". Very silly. This is not "NET Playhouse" or "Playhouse 90". At 22 minutes, it is shorter than the average sitcom of the era. Print is very shaky/unsteady.

Run time 24 minutes 45 seconds
Production Company Four Star Television
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: Futuristfood - - January 22, 2013
Subject: lion in cage,..
I turned it off.. can't see that. lions are meant to be wild. all I see is a big very sad cat. ugh. and yes,. minus the laugh track,. this is not funny.
Reviewer: richgoup - - January 21, 2013
Subject: Munroe.
Original air date: 1963.
Cast: Guy Marks (Gitchy), Jan Stine (Ira), Joan Freeman (Selma), James Flavin (Colonel), Verna Felton (Colonel`s Mother- in- law), John Fiedler (Cook) and Sig Ruman (Professor Hendrick Von Schmidt).
This pilot went unsold and was shelved until it was released on DVD in 2012.
From IMDB.
This pilot is not very funny.